How to Sell a Car in Dubai

Dubai has a big market for buying and selling of cars. Here, many government projects are in process for improving e-business practices in order to make buying/selling process fast and responsive but you would still find it difficult to sell a car if you choose a wrong option to do it. is the right platform for you to sell any car in any condition without any worry. You just need to get your car evaluated and inspected by us and rest will be done by us in quick time and your car will get sold. You are just required to bring your ID card (“Mulkiya”) and car registration copy of the owner at the time of signing the purchase agreement with us. We will handle the entire car selling process for you.

Once we agree on the price after the evaluation and inspection of the car, you will simply sign a purchase agreement (“Mubayaa”) which is a certified agreement used by to transfer the title of the car.

It is not very easy to sell car in such a big market of Dubai. Mainly, there are two ways for selling. First method is C2C meaning customer to customer selling and second is C2B meaning customer to business. If you decide C2C option, then make yourself prepared for numerous calls from a number of interested and hardly potential buyers for your car. It is difficult and time taking process to choose a credible and right buyer out of all who contact you. This whole process may take 4-6 weeks to scrutinize buyers and meeting with strangers and managing payment procedures etc. and it also involves the risk factor. Other than that, with each passing day your car value depreciates several Dirhams if you don’t get some suitable buyer.

Secondly, C2B option means you have to take your car to an auto dealer who would first inspect the car and will charge you up to 1000 AED. In addition, there are more than 75% cars in the UAE which are older than 3-4 years and dealers don’t put them on first priority and you may not get right price of the car.

There is also a great number of dealers in the market which provide specialized services e.g. only dealing in luxury car or large vehicles like SUVs etc. In this way it becomes very difficult for you to find the most suitable dealer to give the right value for your car. is the right platform for selling your car without any hassle. We give you the right value of your car after proper valuation and inspection. Moreover, we handle all the process too which are related with selling your car including the documentation and post sales paper work. We pay you the amount for your car through electronic back transfer and our payment model is very secure. We have considerable experience in car buying and selling in the UAE.