How you sell your car to BuyAnyCar.com?

Selling your used car gets done in quick time with BuyAnyCar.com. Our process is transparent and systematic. We ask you to use our free car valuation tool to get an appropriate value for your car. The value, our valuation tool provides is based on our extensive experience in the auto industry, market analysis, condition and model of your car and many other technical factors. The process allows you to get a realistic value for your car. Other than that we ask you for a physical inspection of the car after you get the right value for it. The inspection is also free of cost and it verifies the information you provided earlier to evaluate your car. You can get the inspection done at any of our branches close to your place. We have our network spread all over the UAE and provide the ultimate comfort to our customers. Once the car is inspected thoroughly, you get an offer from us and if agreed, you get your car sold in just 30 minutes.
It is important to be noted here, that when you come for the car inspection, you must bring all the documents of your car. The documents include the Registration card (Mulkiya), service record book, and if the car is financed then a current liability letter for us to know how much you still owe to the bank. This is how you sell your car in quick time to BuyAnyCar.

What makes us the Best?

We are a one-stop solution for your car sale anywhere in the UAE. We have a network that helps you to find us near your place and sell your car in quick time with our dedicated services. We save your time in a way that we help you avoid the classifieds which are not a good source to sell your car. We offer you a platform that understands all the aspects and evaluates a car at its best potential. Our process is highly sequenced and automated with use of latest technologies to evaluate and inspect a car. With that, we offer you an ease in the documentation process and after sales paperwork. This is what makes us the best.

Is Your Online Offer After Car Evaluation Final?

We try our level best to give you such an estimate for the value of your car that justifies the information you provide in the valuation tool. But without the physical inspection of the car, we can’t give you a final call. The physical inspection at times can even lead to the increase in the earlier offer that we suggested online as you might have missed a certain detail of your car while getting it evaluated online, or your car might have some special features which might enhance its value. In short, we give you a final offer after the physical inspection of your car.

My Car is not listed on your Website

Mostly, that does not happen as we cover almost all cars since 1982 from all manufacturers. But in case if it happens due to any reason that might be linked to your car being older than 1982 or our database needed an update, you don’t need to worry about it. We actually buy any car in any condition, type and model so; you can contact us for the sale of any car you own.

Do you buy my car if it is registered outside the UAE?

No, we at present do not buy cars which are registered outside the United Arab Emirates.

Do you also buy Cars which have been imported?

Yes, we do buy your car even if it has been imported. It should just be registered in the UAE and we shall then buy it.

Do you buy Commercial Vans too?

No, currently our policy does not allow us to buy commercial vans.

Do you Buy Cars that are non-running?

We buy all cars regardless of their condition. We even buy old and damaged cars so sell all your new, old, damaged and financed cars to us with ease.

Can you do inspection of my car at my place?

At present, we don’t offer such services. You will have to come to any nearby branch of BuyAnyCar to get it inspected.

Would you buy my car that is still financed by the bank?

Yes, we definitely will buy your financed car. You just need to bring the most recent liability letter of the car from your bank and we shall pay your debt. We shall also give you a reasonable offer to sell your car to us.

What if the loan amount of my car exceeds than the actual value of the car?

We shall still offer you a value for your car. You would just need to pay to us the shortfall.

Can I sell my relative’s or friends’ car to you?

You certainly can, but for that you will have to bring the power of attorney from the real owner. You can then sell it on their behalf. We keep a good difference between selling a car and being paid for a car. If your relative wants you to be paid for the car as well, then it needs to be mentioned on the power of attorney too.

Can I sell you a car of my relative who has passed away?

We have the idea of this painful situation and understand your needs. You can come to us to sell such a car but we shall need to cover some legal aspects in this case.

Which Documents I am need to bring to sell my car?

This is what you need to bring:
1. Your Emirates ID or your Passport
2. The Original card (Mulkiya) for registration
3. Keys of the car and its history book
4. Bank Account Details of the car owner
5. Liability Letter from the Bank if you Want to sell a financed car

Can I sell a car registered under a company?

Yes, we also buy the company cars. The process remains the same but you will need to bring the following documents to sell a company car:
1. An ID issued by the Government for the assigned person
2. A letter signed and stamped by the company authorities or the corporate letterhead
3. Bank Account Details of the Company to pay the amount
4. Trade License Copy of the Company
5. All Set of Keys and the Record Book of the Car

I have lost the original registration card of my car. What should I do?

Please visit the nearest RTA office and get your new registration card. It does not take much time.

How the Value of my car gets calculated?

The value of the car gets calculated on the basis of a number of factors. We offer you a calculation for your car value that is based on our experience of the auto industry, analysis of car market, our digital analytical systems, valuation results and our physical inspection of the car. The whole process does not take much time and you get the market value of your car with our reliable system.

Why do you ask for the Email Address?

We need your email address to send you the details for confirmations, valuation and appointments. We respect your privacy and follow our privacy policy in this regard.

How to book an appointment?

In order to book an appointment with us, you need to fill out our valuation form.

What goes on in the appointment process?

The purpose of the appointment is to check and inspect your car thoroughly. Other than that, our team also verifies all the documents of the car. It all gets done within half an hour.

Can I change my appointment date?

In case you have already set an appointment with us, and you want to change its date, you can do it by contacting us.

Which BuyAnyCar Branch should I choose?

You should go for the branch nearest to your place. Our network of branches is spread all over UAE and our policies, work ethics, support and services remain the same at all our centers.

When do I decide to sell my car to you and do I need the car to leave there?

Yes you leave the car with us and we can arrange a taxi for your convenience. You do that once you have agreed to sell your car to us and signed the legal agreement for car purchase.

How do I make sure that I will be paid?

We are an experienced car buying licensed company in UAE and you don’t need to feel any uncertainty about getting paid. We pay you directly in your bank account. Once you agree to sell your car us, you will sign a legal purchase agreement which will show you the details of the whole transaction process and our terms and conditions.

How do you pay?

We prefer paying through electronic bank transfer to avoid any dodgy deals. We also offer the facility to our customers to get paid through cash from our financial partners.

When the Money will be transferred?

Money will be transferred to your bank account as soon as the Title Transfer takes place. The local transfers can take up to 48 hours.

I am leaving the country and moving somewhere else. How do I sell my car?

We understand that people in UAE continue to move in and out as the country has a high percentage of expats. You can keep your car and use it as long as you want and sell it to us at any time and we shall buy it from you in just 30 minutes time.

How to Register a Complaint if I have one?

Customer Satisfaction is our highest priority. If you have any complaint about any of our services, then you can simply contact us through our contact section or email through info@buyanycar.com