2017 Volkswagen Golf R – A Family Hatchback with an Impressive Performance

2017 Volkswagen Golf R – A Family Hatchback with an Impressive Performance

After the acclaim of the VW Golf GTI, the new Volkswagen Golf R has taken the reigns and has become the best hatchback there is. The 2017 Volkswagen Golf R is designed to give a stellar performance and focusing on becoming as be driver-centric as possible.

The Volkswagen Golf lineup has been around since the 1970s and they mostly come in the form of compact, small family cars in various body styles. Its versions have come in 2 door, 3 door and 5 door, convertible hatchback and MPV among many other.

Here is a complete review of the new Volkswagen Golf R in terms of its highlighting aspects including the exterior, interior, performance and other specifications of this new Volkswagen Hatchback.


The new Golf R is considered to be a four-door hatchback, which might have become a hindrance in delivering an exceptional performance, but it does not. The exterior comes in a typical compact car with one trim level. The front fascia features a narrow grille with the Volkswagen logo showcased in the center. On the sides are angular headlamps with large air intakes just below to maintain efficient cooling function.

Exterior of the 2017 Volkswagen Golf R

The sides have a smooth shape with large windows while the rear top showcases a slight spoiler for a better downforce when the VW Golf R accelerates at its top speed. The hatchback has a flip open trunk that comes with split brake lights and the VW logo in the middle. The Dual exhaust with quad tips can be seen underneath the trunk, which are exclusive to Golf R and gives a beastly sound that distinguishes the car from the rest.

The VW Golf R comes with 19-inch Pretoria alloy wheels that gives ground clearance level of 4.8-inches, adding substance to the look of this new hatchback. There are also 5 colour choices for the exterior including the Lapiz Blue Metallic, Tornado Red and Oryx White among others. Overall, it is a perfect sized compact family car with a practical design.


Inside, the new VW Golf R is designed to be driver focused, which can be reflected in the way the seats and the instrument panel have been designed. It can accommodate 5 passengers with bucket-style, race-inspired front seats, while the other seats are large and bolstered in design that lets the occupant sink into the action and enjoy the ride.

Interior of the 2017 Volkswagen Golf R

On the instrument panel and in front of the driver, the gauges of the Golf R have a blue accent that already adds to the sleek interior style. The interior theme only comes in an all-around Black Leather, with plenty of leg and head room inside, giving a mysterious yet calming vibes to the occupants inside.

The upper dashboard and window sills have soft-touch padding with leatherette door inserts and armrests, while everything below the waist is hard plastic. The stainless steel pedals and ambient lighting adds to a nice touch.

Interior of 2017 Volkswagen Golf R

The Golf R’s normal cargo volume is 22.8 cubic feet, but with the rear seats down, the cargo volume becomes 52.7 cubic feet, which is plenty of space for a quick getaway with family or friends.


The Volkswagen Golf R is designed to offer the ultimate performance with its powerful engine and handling. Following are some of its engine and performance specifications:

Engine Type: 2.0-Litre 4 cylinder Intercooled Turbo Premium Unleaded I-4

Horsepower: 292 HP

Torque: 280 lb-ft.

Transmission: 6-speed manual, 6-speed dual-clutch automatic with manual shifting mode

Top Speed: 250 Km/h (limited)

Test Acceleration 0 to 100 Km/h: 5.8 seconds

Fuel System: Gasoline Direct Injection

Performance of the 2017 Volkswagen Golf R

The new Golf R has an All-Wheel Drive and an outstanding braking system that allows it to achieve its smooth and powerful speed. Its manual gear box and the lightning action of the dual-clutch automatic aids in the charming ride that makes you want to go on a long drive.

When it comes to fuel efficiency, the Volkswagen Golf R has an EPA of city/highway driving as 22-23/30-31 mpg. This makes it a great vehicle to drive in the city as well as on the highway.

Safety and Technology

Other than being advanced under the hood, the interior and its safety features are laden with all the essentials that such a car should have. This is particularly important as it has the Volkswagen Golf R has been designed to be a compact family car with a powerful performance, safety is something that should be considered as priority and that is what this car has offered.

Safety and Technology Features of the 2017 Volkswagen Golf R

When it comes to technological features, it has the Volkswagen App-Connect, a premium audio system and a performance monitor, all exclusive to this model. All these features makes you have a personalized and an enjoyable experience while you drive this hatchback.

Through the App-Connect, you can simply plug in your compatible smartphone and watch as your select apps appear on the touchscreen display of your Volkswagen. You can manage your navigation, messaging and music through these user friendly touchscreen display.

Safety and Technology Features of the 2017 Volkswagen Golf R

The Volkswagen Golf R is equipped with seven stability-enhancing features, a rigid safety cage and active safety features. It was also rated with 5-star on overall safety by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the United States.

Following are some of the worth mentioning features:

  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
  • Automatic Post-Collision Braking System
  • Intelligent Crash Response System
  • Seven Stability Enhancing Systems
  • Rear Camera With Sensors
  • Hid Headlights With Turning Fog Lamps
  • Cruise Control With Speed Limiter
  • Electric Parking Brake
  • Smart Keyless Entry With Starter Button
  • Adaptive Cruise
  • Blind-Spot Monitoring

Verdict and Price of the Volkswagen Golf R

The Volkswagen Golf R is a perfect small family car to own in the UAE area. Not only it has all the relevant safety features, but also all the technological features as well as a stellar engine to give you the kick of speed when you crave for it.

Verdict and Price of the Volkswagen Golf R

This hatchback is available in the UAE at a starting price of AED 156,000 that can go up to AED 175,000 according to the options added.

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